A recent story in the press about me has gone ballistic all over the internet! 

Pregnant Woman Develops Bizarre Craving for Roadkill

As a result there have been many comments relating to these stories that have been quite abusive and unpleasant – mostly by people who do not question the media, believe everything they read and have a tendency to react before thinking.

An appetite for Feral Fusion – all good food if you know what you are doing!!

Now… I don’t mind the odd slating for being who I am, or doing what I do, and if being willing to put up with the odd verbal bashing means I get a chance to spark a reaction that can change the way people interact with the world… then I’ll keep doing it!

….but it does hurts a little when huge waves of hate and anger roll up on my shore due to deliberate misquoting and poor reporting in general – especially when aimed at my unborn child or my ability to be a good mother.  These individuals don’t know me, or where I am coming from, or how careful I REALLY am!

Japanese Gyoza – Roadkill Dumplings!

I know, I know, “If you dance with the devil…” and all that, I’ll get what I deserve…  Whatever!!  I’ll continue to be the authentic me and take on the chin whatever comes at me!  After all, it is only the ego that gets bruised by words.  I will live my life as I see fit, hopefully inspire and encourage others to do the same.  Let’s see where this dance with the media takes me – I have to question, ” is it all happening for a reason??”  I hope so.  Maybe lots of ‘good’ will come out of this – whatever ‘good’ is – question everything my friends.


The actual story goes kinda like this…

I was originally contacted by a UK news agency by email while I was doing a two month road trip in America recently.  They saw me on “Come Dine With Me” (A UK TV show) and they wanted to do a follow up story.  I said I would speak to them upon my return late October.  It was an amazing 6000 mile road trip in an old VW camper. As always a culinary trip – although trying to avoid sugar and refined carbs was a bit tough.  We love being in the States.  Our trip included the iconic Burning Man Festival and eleven National Parks.  Beautiful country and amazingly friendly people.   God bless America!

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bulls Testicles – Wyoming

It just happened that I was 5 months pregnant upon my return and extremely happy and the reporter jumped on that opportunity for a sensational story, despite my ‘very’ verbal reservations.  The headlines have been along the lines of, “I have suddenly got cravings for roadkill”. In truth, many people know that I have been eating roadkill for years and I love it. Obviously they wanted to elaborate and say that my eating of traffic casualties was caused by pregnancy cravings!  What tosh!  Lol. …but it certainly made a great story – it has almost gone ‘viral’.  Such a big reaction to little ol’ me and my little life!

I think I’m going to need a bigger BBQ! Roadkill Mule deer, Utah.