My normal ‘bread & butter’ work takes the form of community art projects and school commissions.  This does not normally involve the taxidermy side of things.  I use my wide and varied range of skills to facilitate art installations for schools that involve the school children and sometimes also the wider community. I have a talent for most aspects of hands-on creation. I think fast and on my feet! 

I do not create solo exhibitions, as I prefer collaborative projects.  I enjoy being part of the growth process you get when you pool the energies of groups of people.  I love to observe transformations in levels of awareness — be that creative; spiritual; mental; emotional or physical.  I ‘push’ people to go beyond the boundaries they set themselves and that includes me too!

I love dressing up and exploring alter egos, especially with friends.  Festivals, camps and just travelling in general are a great opportunity to go ‘wild’ and experiment with being someone else for a while — great if you are at a time in your life when you need to reinvent yourself!  Every year, if I’m around, I make/put on a costume and perform with my buddies at Artists Ltd.  We are an artists’ collective and enjoy working in a range of different mediums, from bone carving to theatre, painting to music — join up and be part of it, there is FREE gallery space waiting for you!