SHAMANIC ROADKILL CAPE - Made from recycled materials feathers from the capes of seven golden roadkill pheasants - 2 years in the making, completed at NOMADIC VILLAGE 2012, modelled beautifully by Visual & Shamanic Artist KATIE SURRIDGE of London.


SHAMANIC ROADKILL CAPE – Made from recycled materials and bronze tipit feathers from the capes of seven Common Ring-necked roadkill Pheasants – 2 years in the making, completed at NOMADIC VILLAGE 2012, modelled beautifully by Visual and Shamanic Artist KATIE SURRIDGE of London.

 (Completed during my artists residency at the Nomadic Village 2012)


This project began in 2010 following a one month expedition into the Amazon rainforest.


     Whilst studying anthropology and teaching art workshops in the villages I was greatly inspired by their animistic art forms, especially the shamanic feather work of certain tribes of the Upper Rio Negro region.  I found their love and understanding of the harsh reality of nature very moving.

I was impressed by their sustainable collection techniques.  Instead of killing the birds required for each piece (a technique employed by most societies) these people, deeply in touch with their environment, simply trapped them, plucked a few choice plumes, then released them – enabling the feathers to grow back (and in the process making them harder to catch next time!!).

I wanted to create something similar and sustainable, using feathers from the male pheasant found in the UK. – So I used roadkill (no surprise there then, lol).

Pheasants make excellent animal totems for many reasons.  Their essence stimulates sexuality, encourages creativity, and enhances energy.  Only certain plumes – tipits- picked from the chest area, of seven pheasants in total, were used in the creation of this cape.

As with a lot of my work, I aspire to gently push the viewer, including myself, to question preconceptions and social/cultural taboos by creating something beautiful and compelling from something dead and/or socially repulsive.

Thank you Katie for being my model, I knew you would look beautiful together.


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