Making movies for ‘Woodlands TV’!

Dear friend and fellow forager Fraser Simpson explains how to identify the AMMONITE mushrooms – namely the most deadly series in the UK.

Fraser Simpson – a ‘Happy Haptic’ and Wild Food Forager – has also been making movies with the ultra talented Claudia Nye.

Amanita_muscariaUnfortunately there is no golden rule when it comes to identifying unfamiliar mushrooms, edible or otherwise. Deadly poisonous toadstools can share the same characteristics as many edible fungi.  It helps to have an expert on hand….

See the pilot film here!


Apart from being a very knowledgeable forager Fraser is also an incredibly talented professional artist.  He is enthralled with the haptic .  Taking what is intrinsically a valueless, readily available material, bone, he sculpts beautiful objects using a few basic hand tools most of which are to be found in “granddad’s shed”.

fraser Simpson - The Happy HapticHe draws his inspiration from a broad range of interests but his main influences are anthropological, symbolic and the mathematical structures of nature.  His work is inspired by the many anonymous artists working in bone since, archaeologists maintain, art began, including:

The Original Cave Man, Many Tribal artisans around the world, Scrimshanders, French Prisoners of War, Netsuke Makers.

Fraser is currently working on building interest in bone carving through a series of workshops, exhibitions and lectures.  He is also making the first tentative steps in collating a book on the subject matter.

Fraser’s art harks back to a life more simple when time itself seemed slower and more readily available. A time that can be recreated, he has found, through the practice of bone carving.  He is currently working on a project using the bones from the Ox Roast in Windsor which was held to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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claudia nye mugshotOriginally from Argentina, Claudia is a Scarborough based, award winning BAFTA nominated documentary film maker with 21 years experience in the field of media.

Her work ranges from broadcast (BBC/Channel Four) to private and public Commissions (Film Council/European Fund), through facilitating community based projects with the youth, and teaching in FE and HE sectors.

These movies are for Woodlands.TV and should all be ready to view online in a few months.

Will post the links ASAP. X



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