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Dear Foraging Friend and ‘Gastronome’ Fraser Simpson takes us on a culinary journey in the “Mushrooms that Grow on Trees Series” with Film Maker Claudia Nye.


Turkey-Tail-Mushrooms-in-Buttermilk-Falls-State-Park-Ithaca-New-York-USATree decay fungi – Identification and Significance.

The Kingdom of Fungi is vast and remains somewhat mysterious. Fungi play vital roles in many ecosystems and are crucial to the lifecycles of many plant species on this planet. With a feeling connections between fungi and trees remain somewhat un-bridged, we have decided to collaborate our knowledge, research and observations here; as an aid to all.  Fungi can be put into three groups distinguished by how they feed:  (read more…)


This being the festive season we have added a little ‘RUDOLPH The Red Nosed Reindeer’ to the mix… see if you can spot him 🙂 Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS, a Cool YULE and a Very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR 2015!


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See the film here!

Foraging for the Best of Ingredients

“A Little Bit on the Side”

Fraser is currently developing a catering and/or supply business which is primarily vegetarian, with meat dishes that can be served ‘on the side’.

To contact Fraser email at:



claudia nye mugshotOriginally from Argentina, Claudia is a Scarborough based, award winning BAFTA nominated documentary film maker with 21 years experience in the field of media.

Her work ranges from broadcast (BBC/Channel Four) to private and public Commissions (Film Council/European Fund), through facilitating community based projects with the youth, and teaching in FE and HE sectors.

These movies are for Woodlands.TV and should all be ready to view online in a few months.

Will post the links ‘as and when’. X



To see the more episodes in this series click on the link below…

How to identify the RUSSULA mushrooms – namely the most deadly series in the UK.


How to identify the AMMONITE mushrooms – namely the most deadly series in the UK.



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