“Ode to Old Crow” …..


golfing crowOnce upon a time there was an old one-legged Crow who loved to watch a good game of golf!!

He lived at Scarthingwell Golf Club, at the 10th hole, in a lovely old park just south of Tadcaster in Yorkshire.

Every year a particular group of guys would come to play and dear old “One-legged Crow” would delight in following this team of happy chaps around, watching them play from hole to hole, and especially at the 10th, cheering them on with a


He was such a Star!


For many, many years this group of guys would come to play their Annual Golf Tournaments at the park and dear old One-legged Crow would come and watch.

They grew quite fond of Old Crow and even changed their name to “Team Crow”!

A happy friendship developed between them.

A game of golf at the park wouldn’t be the same now without their dear feathered friend.



Then one year the inevitable happened….


always in our hearts crow“Team Crow” turned up to play their Annual Tournament.

Old One-legged Crow wasn’t there.

They played on into the game, and still their feathered friend didn’t show up. The guys were sad. It wasn’t the same without him.

At the end of the game they came to accept that maybe dear old “One-Leg” had gone to Corvid Heaven – that he had maybe passed away.


They decided that from that very day their Annual Golf Tournaments would be in honour of their gentle, curious, fun, golf-loving feathered friend.

They kept their promise to Old Crow.


And every year they still do…..



3 crowsIn response to a post recently about three dead roadkill crows in my freezer, a dear old friend asked me if I had a spare leg and would I make something for one of her regular customers.  Not an unusual request from someone that knows me well… lol.

She told me about her customer, how she had cut his hair for years and every now and again he would chat about golf.  He told her a lovely story about how is friends played a tournament every year, and about an old one-legged crow who loved to watch them play.  This customer was the Chief Organiser of “Team Crow”.

She recounted the story to me.

I said “of course! Anyone who honours Crow can have a leg”! Lol.

So I made this trophy for them, for their Annual Tournament.

The story and memory of dear old One-legged Crow and his love of golf lives on….


“Ode To Old Crow”


one leg crow trophy

Made from recycled materials, a trophy base, a mini golf ball, silver star and silver club and of course…

One Crows Leg!

Since writing this story I have been contacted by Team Crow who are thrilled with the story and wish to create a team logo from the Trophy.
They also had this to say…
"...besides our annual competition for the One Legged Crow trophy we also have two other competitions which last over the whole year. We have therefore decided to award your shield to the "Crow of the Year" which will be the best performer over the three competitions".

How fab is that 🙂