Nose to Tail: The Not So Offal Truth

gastrofest audience


“Could a trotter ever be a treat? Is offal really awful? How tender is a heart? If you like your meat neatly processed and as far removed from its animal origins as possible, this is NOT the event for you. Join us for an experimental edible journey to actively connect with the food chain as we investigate the possibilities and benefits of whole animal eating: from the impact on our heath to the ecological importance of sustainable eating. Featuring tempting tasters and demonstrations of innovative preparation techniques from Intrepid Culinarian and Roadkill Enthusiast Alison Brierley..


Only just got around to posting some pics of this event I took part in. I gave a talk/cooking demo at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in April 2015. It was a really good evening, I prepared for 130 people and got 96 which was still pretty good considering the content, lol. The venue was at the Summerhall, in the dissection room which was quite apt!



I served “Lavender and Rosemary Roadside Rabbit Popcorn” as tasters and cooked “Spicy Satay Squirrel” on stage. There was plenty of information on wild meat identification and the taboos and psychological aspects of wild food foraging. An important aspect of the talk was about changing and raising awareness of the state of our meat industry.

I also gave a quick talk and show on the joys of “Roadkill Taxidermy”.

Funny, I had a bit of stage fright which was unusual for me, I totally forgot my nicely prepared speeches, but within a few seconds I just flew with it and it was hilarious!!  It was pure ‘stand up’, not a dry seat left in the house! I got amazing feedback, and now I’ve got some great pics too!



Monday 6 April 2015

Time:20:00 — 21:30

Venue:Dissection Room, Summerhall

Standard Ticket £12.00 (includes tasters)