The Puppeteer


Dear tiny, frail old lady

Dear gentle little thing

Quiet, unsuspecting Ring Leader

The Matriarch

The Manipulator

The Puppeteer

Pulling her Puppet’s strings


A Puppet for every Occasion…

The Carer

The Administrator

The Cook

The Cleaner

The Doctor

The Agony Aunt

The Rottweiler

The Executioner


All of these puppets

eager to fight back at something

that gives their dull lives some purpose.

That gives them a chance to be Nobel.

“Knights in Shining Armour”.


A Knight to Defend the Weak and Helpless

Avenging their own Private Tortures

Redemption from their own Pain, Shame and Guilt

their own Childhood Scaring

Repeating their Karma

These Jailers of the Feminine Essence.

The Puppeteer cries…

Stand to attention Puppets

Your Strings are being Pulled.

It is Time to do her Bidding.

Her Dirty Work.

It is time to Rescue the Old Princess.

“Go Forth” Puppets and Punish the Beast

“Go Forth” and Tame the Dragon

…Burn the Witch

… Behead the Gorgon

…Cage the Phoenix

… Rape the Goddess

Tear her limb from limb

Before She Shines Light on Your Shadows

Before She Mirrors your Dark and Painful Truths.


Feel Good that you defended the old lady

Feel Good that justice has been served.

You Saved Her.

This Poor little Sparrow

The Bird with Broken Wings

Too frail and fragile

too lazy to do her own bidding

and stand up for Herself.


Victim of her own Fear and Suffering

Her Dark and Painful Truths

Victim of her own childhood scarring

Helpless, frightened little thing.

Doesn’t know how to fend for herself….


The Puppeteer cries

and the Puppets spring to attention.

You see….

This Daughter had had enough

This Witch too Wise to have her Strings Pulled anymore.

This Gorgon too Fierce to be Forced into Submission.

This Phoenix too Free to be Caged.

She Said “NO” so best she be punished

Untameable Wild Thing.




Best they take her head

This shining light

This mirror that shows them

the Ugliness in their own Hearts.


Little do you know “Puppets”

You have inadvertently Freed the Goddess from her Prison

Gave Her Permission to Escape

Break the Chains

You are the Scissors that cut the Apron Strings

The Knife that cut the Umbilical Cord

You Severed the Slavery to the Matrilineal Line,

…of  Patrilinal Doctrine.


You Assisted in her Personal Healing

Her Personal Growth

Helped her Overcome and Grow

Do the Work

Heal the Mother Wound

Become Bigger


A more Amazing Mother

No more a Slave to that Linear Curse



By Alison (Tribal) Brierley