Super Food Leathers and Crackles!



 I became totally enthused by making Fruit Leathers and Crackles when I purchased my food dehydrator.  My family and friends loved them!  So much so that they urged me to start a micro-enterprise because they were sooooo good!

And do you know what?  If I say so myself, they ‘are‘ FANTASTIC!!



‘Super Food Leathers & Crackles’ are a homemade delicious, chewy or crispy, totally moreish and super sustaining dried food product made from mostly organic raw fruits, veggies and sea vegetables, nuts and seeds with NO added sugar, colours or preservatives!

They are simply scrummy combinations puréed and poured onto a flat surface for drying with virtually no raw nutritional value loss.

They have a very long shelf life and are the ideal healthy snack for:


Children – containing so much good stuff but tastes and feels like sweets!  My little boy loves them.  Sneak ’em in when you can!  lol.

Adults – a tasty, convenient and healthy super food full of essential carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Hikers & Backpackers – a perfectly portable, light-weight, energy and mood boosting Trail Mix alternative.

Gym Goers – ditch the ‘Energy Bars’ that are full of cheap, processed white sugar and counter productive to your workout.  Eating more fruit and veg is essential both for good health and to help us lose weight.

Cyclists & Mountain Bikers – provide a quick energy boost from dried fruit and sustained energy from fats in nuts and seeds.

Runners, Climbers and Triathletes – same goes really!  A perfectly portable, light-weight, energy and mood boosting Trail Mix alternative that provides a quick energy boost from dried fruit and sustained energy from fats in nuts and seeds.

• Lactating mums  – a perfect and healthy snack when you have no arms or energy to feed oneself.  Can be especially made containing lactogenic super foods that increase and improve milk supply; flax, oats, spinach, carrots, papaya, apricots.  Mums remember to drink more water than you usually do!

Diabetics – can be made especially with fruits with a low glycaemic index (GI value of 55 or less) which are a safe choice for diabetics as they help to regulate blood sugar levels better. Even though some fruits are very sweet, they are still generally low-GI, which makes them an excellent substitute for unhealthy sweet snacks.

Dieters – a healthy but sweet ‘Craving Controller’. Eating more fruit and veg is essential both for good health and to help us lose weight. Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories,  sodium and fat, and high in fiber – three essential ingredients for successful weight loss.

Immune System Boosters – boost your immune system by avoiding low-nutrient ‘junk’ food and eat plenty of super-foods high in antioxidents – vitamins and nutrients that reduce your risk of cancer and boost your immune system.

Survivalists  & Preppers – a nutritious comfort food that is a huge moral booster during a stressful survival situation, with a long shelf life and has multiple uses.

Convalesents – energy and mood boosting, and don’t leave crumbs in the bed! Pure fruit leathers can be dissolved in water and drunk like a fruit tea.




(prices vary according to ingredients used)



‘Super Food Leather & Crackle’ flavours made so far:

Fruit Leathers

Apple & Plum (Wild/ Foraged)
Banana & Apple (Organic/ Wild/ Foraged)
Banana & Blueberry
Banana, Greek Yoghurt & Blueberry
Banana & Grape
Banana & Mango
Banana & Organic Yoghurt
Banana & Organic Yoghurt & Redcurrant
Banana & Peanut Butter
Banana & Peanut Butter & Organic Cocoa
Banana & Pineapple
Blackberry (Organic/ Wild/ Foraged)
Blackberry & Apple (Organic/ Wild/ Foraged) & Banana
Blackberry & Apple (Organic/ Wild/ Foraged)
Blackberry (Organic/ Wild/ Foraged) & Raspberry
Innocent Smoothie – Peach & Pear
Innocent Smoothie – Lime, Kiwi & Apple
Innocent Smoothie – Strawberry & Banana
Orange (Clemenrubi), Organic Pumpkin Seed, Organic Cocoa & Banana
Organic Yoghurt and Redcurrant
Organic Yoghurt, Redcurrant and organic Sultana
Pineapple (Fermented) & Banana
Rumtopf Pulp – Dark Rum & Plum
Sour Apple & Blackberry (Wild/ Foraged)
Strawberry Yoghurt

Fruit Crackles

Apple & Plum (Organic/ Wild/ Foraged)
Balsamic Beetroot, Orange, Ginger & Organic Spinach
Banana, Blueberry & Organic Yoghurt
Banana & Pineapple
Banana & Pineapple (Fermented)
Banana & Mango
Carrot (Organic), Ginger & Raw Honey
Fermented Pineapple & Banana
Sour Apple, Mint (Organic/ Wild/ Foraged) & Cinnamon
Orange Clemenrubi
Orange (Clemenrubi) Organic Pumpkin Seed, Organic Cocoa & Banana
Pomegranate & Grape
Raspberry, Raw Honey, Basil & Mint
Strawberry, Organic Yoghurt & Whole grains




Severe nut, dairy and gluten allergy sufferers –

Please be aware that my kitchen contains lots of nuts, yoghurt and traces of gluten.

Sorry about that 😦


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