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“This is a WILD WOMAN” 


She is a medicine woman, full of laughter and mystery and a wide open heart with sacred boundaries that she fiercely protects.

She wears beautiful, comfortable clothing that allows her to move with ease and grace.

She is full of laughter and light, and she carries an energy of sacred abundance and receptivity with her wherever she goes: she has a strong, solid energetic container for receiving abundance, and allows money to be sacred to her.

It is sacred nourishment to her, and she is grateful for all abundance received, and expresses this gratitude in spontaneity and ritual.

She embodies the balance between ease and structure, function and flow. She is beautiful from the inside out, magnetic, radiant, and masterful at relationship and connection.

She also takes care of her need to be alone and in communion with the divine through nature, the lunar cycles, and plants.

She is reverent in the presence of the cycles of nature and brings this reverence into her everyday life.

She is a healer, a leader, a confidante, and a mother. She is a friend and a passionate lover.

She is enchanting and knows her own enchantment, but does not let her ego get involved – she simply recognizes that she, like all women, possesses an inner radiance that she can tap into at any time.

She is a walking bolt of laughter and music, and brings her healing medicine wherever she goes.

She is a bit of a rogue, a rebel, an innovator, a catalyst. She doesn’t worry about conforming to social norms; she doesn’t disrespect them just for the sake of disrespecting them but simply follows the beat of her own drummer.

She is fully alive and feels everything. She is full of scars, but knows that the scars are the places where the light gets in. Her scars are the places that are filled with gold.

She has fully claimed her own beauty and does not ask for anyone else’s permission to shine. She is not afraid to look herself in the eyes.



Alas, this one not one of mine, but I do love it ❤

Here is the source.







The Puppeteer


Dear tiny, frail old lady

Dear gentle little thing

Quiet, unsuspecting Ring Leader

The Matriarch

The Manipulator

The Puppeteer

Pulling her Puppet’s strings


A Puppet for every Occasion…

The Carer

The Administrator

The Cook

The Cleaner

The Doctor

The Agony Aunt

The Rottweiler

The Executioner


All of these puppets

eager to fight back at something

that gives their dull lives some purpose.

That gives them a chance to be Nobel.

“Knights in Shining Armour”.


A Knight to Defend the Weak and Helpless

Avenging their own Private Tortures

Redemption from their own Pain, Shame and Guilt

their own Childhood Scaring

Repeating their Karma

These Jailers of the Feminine Essence.

The Puppeteer cries…

Stand to attention Puppets

Your Strings are being Pulled.

It is Time to do her Bidding.

Her Dirty Work.

It is time to Rescue the Old Princess.

“Go Forth” Puppets and Punish the Beast

“Go Forth” and Tame the Dragon

…Burn the Witch

… Behead the Gorgon

…Cage the Phoenix

… Rape the Goddess

Tear her limb from limb

Before She Shines Light on Your Shadows

Before She Mirrors your Dark and Painful Truths.


Feel Good that you defended the old lady

Feel Good that justice has been served.

You Saved Her.

This Poor little Sparrow

The Bird with Broken Wings

Too frail and fragile

too lazy to do her own bidding

and stand up for Herself.


Victim of her own Fear and Suffering

Her Dark and Painful Truths

Victim of her own childhood scarring

Helpless, frightened little thing.

Doesn’t know how to fend for herself….


The Puppeteer cries

and the Puppets spring to attention.

You see….

This Daughter had had enough

This Witch too Wise to have her Strings Pulled anymore.

This Gorgon too Fierce to be Forced into Submission.

This Phoenix too Free to be Caged.

She Said “NO” so best she be punished

Untameable Wild Thing.




Best they take her head

This shining light

This mirror that shows them

the Ugliness in their own Hearts.


Little do you know “Puppets”

You have inadvertently Freed the Goddess from her Prison

Gave Her Permission to Escape

Break the Chains

You are the Scissors that cut the Apron Strings

The Knife that cut the Umbilical Cord

You Severed the Slavery to the Matrilineal Line,

…of  Patrilinal Doctrine.


You Assisted in her Personal Healing

Her Personal Growth

Helped her Overcome and Grow

Do the Work

Heal the Mother Wound

Become Bigger


A more Amazing Mother

No more a Slave to that Linear Curse



By Alison (Tribal) Brierley









“Plain (Menses) Sailing” – PMS

Artwork by Alex Alice


Don’t believe the head chatter
And it’s all Plain Sailing
A calm and uneventful crossing
A ‘breeze’
A gentle navigation
Through the Cyclic waves
Hardly noticed


Some occasions are a bit chillier
A bit choppier
Choppier of waves and winds
Choppier of heads
All have been known to roll


Once in a while there’s an all out Storm
In the darkest of nights
HUGE waves
Tossing you this way and that
Walls of blackness
1000 feet high
Veils of impending velvet doom
Like giant Nosferatus
Menacingly loom over you


Tremendous pressure!
Tremendous crashing
Bashing and slashing
Picking you up then smashing you down
To drown
Sails are torn and tattered
Nerves shattered
Flung far into the unknown
Uncharted waters
Totally lost


No respite
Hulls are ripped open
Black liquid pain
Leaks from the cracks that have appeared
Cracks that are new
Cracks that are old
Patched up cracks
Smoothed over and glossed over cracks
Until now


Tremendous pressure!
Just to keep afloat
To save this boat
To keep sailing
To keep smiling
Keep working


The vessel Explodes
Medusa speaks her Truth
I pray for survivors
Then a watery demise
A bursting of tears
A river nesting in an ocean
A surrendering to despair
“PLEASE!! Is there ANYBODY out there?”


Just as quickly as it arrived
The storm breaks
The wind knocked out of sails
The sea of salty tears slows
Ebbs and flows
Then stops


I am Beached
The wind is now a breeze
A new calm fills this aching, exhausted body
Warmth on back
Pretty turquoise sea
Tickling my toes
Fingers sift soft sand
I am back
I am me


Deep gratitude
A new level is reached
No one else was wrecked
But the hull is still breached


Old junk and gunk still leak
Now just flotsam and jetsam
Bit by bit
Washed away
With each new breath
Each new wave


The sun shines again
Shines a light on the darkness
Breaks the brooding clouds apart
Warms a broken heart
Gives you what you need
To stay strong
To stay sane
To return to the mundane
To navigate another storm
Another day
Next month say…?


By Alison (Tribal) Brierley



siren song pic for FB WP
“Something is calling you.  
Something is calling from the quiet space inside and from the vast universe all around.

Something is calling forth the stream inside you and awakening you to your connection with the source!.

~~P Williams


I recently experienced a “SIRENS SONG” – at least, at the time it was what I perceived it to be.  It was while I was participating in an all female group exercise at the Raising The Skirts event 2015.
The exercise involved forming two circles of around 16 women, one facing into the center of the circle, one facing out.  Placing our left hands on the heart of the woman on our left side, and the right hand on the heart of the woman on our right side.  We opened our hearts and eyes to the goddess in front of us and began to sing in tones, Oms, sounds, whatever came up at varying frequencies until they felt right, ‘fit’, harmonizing at a yoni and heart chakra level that suited ourselves and those we were touching.  For a while the sound was purely experimental, but after a time ‘weird’ became Wyrd!  It transformed into something eerily beautiful, sad and sweet, melancholy; a sound that ebbed and flowed like the sea and wind all around us as we happened to be on a secluded beach, standing on a huge flat rock over-looking the ocean.
It was towards the end of the exercise I realized that what I was hearing was a ‘Sirens Song’!  The type of song sang by mythical female sea deities.  The song that irresistibly lured sailors to their exquisite death.  Until now I thought it was a simply an ancient Greek story, that these woeful, heart rendering and compelling voices only applied to men.  I was wrong.
This circle of sisters, Goddesses all, each on a path to discover and deepen ourselves produced a haunting and hypnotic melody.  It connected us all, this nourishing yet sad song.  Soon it would be over, this experience, this moment in time.  This beautiful spot on the beach in a few hours time would be overtaken as the tide came in, submerged by the waves.  It left me feeling happy and sad at the same time.
It was a few months later that I realized that THIS song I had heard was a HEART song – a SOUL song, and I had heard it because it was meant for my ‘death’.
Carl G. Jung (1875-1961) believed that symbols materialize on their own account in our dreams, the expression of which is beyond the dimensions of time and space and in the sphere of unspecified and unlimited. These symbols therefore possess a numinous character and impress themselves on the general consciousness, disturbing for those minds used to operation within the limits of logic and rationality. Nevertheless, we can suppose that primordial images, sounds, sediments of accumulated memory, collective input, have a life of their own, independent of single individuals.
“As children we dreamed of monsters; what matters is that they approach, threaten and we are astonished, terrified, bewitched, petrified; and we either flee or overcome them. Often the dream repeats again and again seeking integration and resolution”
Sirens were said to know both the past and the future.  They were the Muses of the ‘Lower World’.  My ego was ready to die a little more, and ‘I’ was ready to enter…

“The song of the Sirens call men to abandon themselves, to hurl into the deep, to sprout wings, to transform, to die to self and emerge into a new form with new knowledge and understanding. It is significant that Sirens are creatures of water for water has powerful symbolic value. Water is also a duality, it can sustain life, give comfort and it is a source of life and abundance. Water is the symbol we use for baptism and spiritual rebirth and renewal. It is the primordial soup, it represents purification and regeneration and it is the source from which each of us was born. Water however can also be destructive, causing inundation, drowning, annihilation and death. Sirens and mermaids embody all of these qualities and meanings and are thus symbols of both death and immortality. They call men to the unknown, to change and transformation the essential passage from one space to another, form one condition to another. They serve as escorts during times of transit, danger, transformation, uncertainty, sea voyages and missions of war. Sirens call man, urging him to abandon what he is, to become something new. Fear of Sirens is the fear of upsetting the established equilibrium, fear of the unknown, fear of transformation, fear of learning, fear of losing oneself, fear of being out of control and fear of descending into the deep (the unconscious)”


photogram blue stained mermaid



Mermaid – Photogram stained blue (1999)

with paper, hair and sloughed skin from my old python Monty.


An excellent blog on the history of Sirens and Mermaids being symbols of transformation can be found here






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