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Wild Food Foraging and Roadkill!  BBC Radio York 12th January 2012

Had a very entertaining discussion LIVE on air with DJ Jonathan Cowap and fellow guests yesterday.

The topic was about wild food foraging and public attitudes toward it.   I covered the Roadkill side of things!!

There were two other guest speakers;

Chris Bax who is a wild food forager and expert in edible and useful plants (www.tastethewild.co.uk)

Stephanie Moon who is a well known chef and food consultant who resides at Rudding Park, Harrogate. (www.stephaniemoon.co.uk).

It was very informative and funny and the team were great fun!

The full show is 3 hours long, so start the sliding bar at 1.08.28. Click here & Enjoy!!

Just before the New Year, I spoke on a couple of other radio stations, same topic, just different countries –

A lively discussion on a radio station in South Africa, just after Christmas day.  Was a bit strange being introduced in Afrikaans, but luckily the interview was in English!  We discussed alternative eating habits and variations on the traditional Christmas dinner.  Was a really informative and funny show.

Another radio show but this time in Atlanta, on the B98.5FM Morning Show With Vikki and Kelly!   You can hear the unedited version when I can figure out how to upload the damn thing, lol!

There was also a lovely interview with Sarah, a food producer with TakePart.com, from Beverly Hills, California.  We chatted about extreme foraging, roadkill recipes and taxidermy art.  She did really nice follow-up piece called…

The True Story of the Roadkill Cook…

A recent story in the press about me has gone ballistic all over the internet! 

Pregnant Woman Develops Bizarre Craving for Roadkill

As a result there have been many comments relating to these stories that have been quite abusive and unpleasant – mostly by people who do not question the media, believe everything they read and have a tendency to react before thinking.

An appetite for Feral Fusion – all good food if you know what you are doing!!

Now… I don’t mind the odd slating for being who I am, or doing what I do, and if being willing to put up with the odd verbal bashing means I get a chance to spark a reaction that can change the way people interact with the world… then I’ll keep doing it!

….but it does hurts a little when huge waves of hate and anger roll up on my shore due to deliberate misquoting and poor reporting in general – especially when aimed at my unborn child or my ability to be a good mother.  These individuals don’t know me, or where I am coming from, or how careful I REALLY am!

Japanese Gyoza – Roadkill Dumplings!

I know, I know, “If you dance with the devil…” and all that, I’ll get what I deserve…  Whatever!!  I’ll continue to be the authentic me and take on the chin whatever comes at me!  After all, it is only the ego that gets bruised by words.  I will live my life as I see fit, hopefully inspire and encourage others to do the same.  Let’s see where this dance with the media takes me – I have to question, ” is it all happening for a reason??”  I hope so.  Maybe lots of ‘good’ will come out of this – whatever ‘good’ is – question everything my friends.


The actual story goes kinda like this…

I was originally contacted by a UK news agency by email while I was doing a two month road trip in America recently.  They saw me on “Come Dine With Me” (A UK TV show) and they wanted to do a follow up story.  I said I would speak to them upon my return late October.  It was an amazing 6000 mile road trip in an old VW camper. As always a culinary trip – although trying to avoid sugar and refined carbs was a bit tough.  We love being in the States.  Our trip included the iconic Burning Man Festival and eleven National Parks.  Beautiful country and amazingly friendly people.   God bless America!

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bulls Testicles – Wyoming

It just happened that I was 5 months pregnant upon my return and extremely happy and the reporter jumped on that opportunity for a sensational story, despite my ‘very’ verbal reservations.  The headlines have been along the lines of, “I have suddenly got cravings for roadkill”. In truth, many people know that I have been eating roadkill for years and I love it. Obviously they wanted to elaborate and say that my eating of traffic casualties was caused by pregnancy cravings!  What tosh!  Lol. …but it certainly made a great story – it has almost gone ‘viral’.  Such a big reaction to little ol’ me and my little life!

I think I’m going to need a bigger BBQ! Roadkill Mule deer, Utah.

What exactly is in our meat… supermarket or otherwise?

My roadside culinary habits have been filled with much more caution if anything (of course the reporter knew that, but that’s boring news!) and my partner does the roadside examinations and butchery at the mo.  I have been trying to conceive for some time and being an ‘older’ mum, taking every step I can to be super healthy – especially with regards to my diet.  I’ve driven my friends nuts by being so fussy, lol.  I do not take chances with my unborn child and despite other people’s ignorance in this matter, claiming that I am harming him, the truth is quite the contrary. Well chosen, roadkill is, without doubt, better than most supermarket meat and equal to the very best of (very expensive) meat in the shops.

When I can afford it, I only eat organic meat.  Yes, that includes roadkill as I consider this free range food to be pesticide, growth hormone, antibiotic and cruelty free!  Unlike most supermarket meat.   I was misquoted in a way that made it sound like eating roadkill was unhealthy – which of course it isn’t, so long as know what you’re doing and have a good working knowledge of the animal you’re eating and any possible diseases it may carry.  I have years of experience and if there is the slightest doubt as to whether it is not fresh or free of disease…I will not touch it!  I am never too proud to refuse the advice and knowledge offered by someone who knows more than me!

(The proof of the pudding is that I’ve been doing this regularly for over five years and I’ve never had a funny tummy from any of the food from the road – and neither have my dinner party guests!).

The contestants on CDWM – Harrogate

Also, I would hardly have appeared on a UK TV show serving up gourmet roadkill to random dinner guests in front of six million viewers (first broadcasting)  had I not had the confidence in what I was doing.  My eating roadkill has hardly been a secret, however, I got much slating because the article didn’t mention that either. They just made it out to be a sudden thing – which made me sound like a silly ‘15 minutes of fame’ thrill seeker to the people who had already seen me on the telly!  Pah!!


Soooo…how do you know if a carcass is fresh and edible?


It is not only about how the animal looks and smells, whether the eyes are still in, how rigid the flesh is, whether the skin moves freely or whether its fleas have not yet abandoned a sinking ship!  Body and touch temperature are not always a great indicator, because different global regions have different climates. Also, changes in weather can make a difference to what bugs are around and the speed of decomposition.  Only pick up ‘clean’ hits that have ‘bounced’ to the side of the road. Then cut any bruised bits out – if any.  Rupturing of the animal’s organs and any broken bones have to be taken into consideration too as these can taint / poison the meat.

Obviously, don’t pick up something thats been run over a couple of times!!  It is essential to research the kinds of diseases certain wild animals can catch and what signs to look for.

… As you can see, you need to know what you’re doing, but it’s not rocket science!!  If in doubt, ask someone else or leave it for something else to chow down on.  Hopefully it will be eaten before numerous passing cars turn it into tarmac-jam!

I love my nomadic lifestyle.  I am one of the freest people I know and eating wild food makes me feel more at one with the environment and not separate from it.  I will share my knowledge with anyone who genuinely wants to learn more about living a simple life, appreciative of, and connected to, nature.  I am very open and honest about my life choices. And here’s the bonus, if you’ve yet to recognise it – You don’t have to work nearly as hard in life to make so much taxable money to have a cosy home, clothe and entertain yourself and eat well and healthily – Now with the state of the world economy as it is – surely this is appealing to many of you!

Maybe, one day, those angry people out there who live sanitary lives, too afraid to eat anything unless it has been pumped full of antibiotics, steroids and preservatives then shrink-wrapped in plastic will look to hunter/gatherers like us for survival tips when the world economy goes even more tits-up.

… or as one reader quoted “if there is a zombie apocalypse or something” lol!

Who knows eh?

…in a supermarket near you?

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