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Vulva and Vagina made from recycled materials and a roadkill female hare.

(Completed in 2009)

  H2840032   H2840031   H2840030

This project began in 2009 during a weeklong ‘walk-about’ following the death of my father and shortly after the decision to start a family with my current partner.

I found the hare at the side of the road only 20 minutes into my lone travels around the North of England and Scotland.

She came with me the rest of the way, my travelling companion,  and bit-by-bit, she was eaten, shared, processed and learnt from, becoming part of the journey, and touching every person we came into contact with, in a deep and meaningful way.

I was studying anthropology at the time, having been fascinated with tribal customs and fetishism for many years.  I was absorbed in the study of magical practices and, in particular, fetishes.

Fetishes – usually an object (anything from a small stone carving of an animal to a carved wooden penis) believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly: a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence. The use of fetish objects is worldwide and from the beginning of recorded history – from Cave Man to modern Christian!

H2840008 H2840035

Over the following 16 months (it took a while for an old bird like me to conceive, lol) her bulging vulva was slowly stuffed and filled with little sacred objects, each having special significance: a carved penis from a dear friend; a small piece of chalk flint from the phallus of The Cerne Abbas Giant; a fossil spiral; a shell; a sculptured clay zygote from another dear friend; and a bird’s egg.  Eventually, I couldn’t fit anything else in her.  She dangled in the window of my motorhome as we drove along, bobbing away to music and the rhythm of the road surfaces, up-front and part of our lives – makes a change from fluffy dice!


“Traditionally, the Easter Bunny, actually a Hare, was said to lay eggs at Easter. This concept is, of course, very strange to our factual minds, however, taken symbolically, the Egg not only represents Potential, but also the Cosmos and the very ground of Being from which we spring–no pun intended! One only need think about the Cosmic Egg and the Druid’s Egg to begin to get the full scope of this metaphor. No wonder then, that the Hare was at one time, considered both male and female. To produce the Cosmos, both must be present.

This union of masculine and feminine makes the Hare an excellent symbol for marriage.

Other associations with the Hare, that I won’t go into now, are witchcraft, or in ancient societies, with the seer or shaman–the Hare is also the trickster figure in many stories, who outsmarts Winter and Death…

Overall then, the Hare is a symbol of many things, all involving balance, Life, creative potency, regeneration, fertility and eternity. This symbolism manifests in associations with Springtime, the Dawn, the Moon and Sacred Fire, the Egg, the Circle and Infinity symbol, Marriage, Androgyny and Hermaphroditism, as well as Madness, Genius and Inspiration (which seem to go hand in hand).”

My ‘Harey Purse’ is a highly energised and striking object.  I feel an affinity with this ancient and symbolic animal.  She has inspired (and provoked) many since her creation, humbly as have I.

Thank you dear Hare for being a huge inspiration.  Thank you dear Dad for being an even bigger one.  Thank you my darling son and partner for being a source of constant joy and self realisation.

1 day old, his first bath after being born in the same pool.

One day old Max with Daddy, enjoying his first bath after being born in the same pool.

Dad, me and Mum in Amsterdam celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Dad, me and Mum in Amsterdam celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary

limetree hare

The carving on the ‘Hare Stone’ at Limetree Farm, Grewelthrope, Ripon.

As with a lot of my work, I aspire to gently push the viewer, including myself, to question preconceptions and socio-cultural taboos by creating something beautiful and compelling from something dead and/or socially repulsive.


“My Roadkill Art…. hmmmm!  Yes, well… “


SHAMANIC ROADKILL CAPE - Made from recycled materials feathers from the capes of seven golden roadkill pheasants - 2 years in the making, completed at NOMADIC VILLAGE 2012, modelled beautifully by Visual & Shamanic Artist KATIE SURRIDGE of London. Pigs ears and trotters with goji berries - silk purse "Kali's Pants" - aka - "Nice Beaver"  'TOTAL BOLLOCKS' - ROADKILL BADGER TALISMAN - ANTI BADGER-CULL CAMPAIGN  Hernes Horn H2840039


My taxidermy projects are quite personal, and not really for sale.  They do not form part of my general paid art work (community works or school projects) so I tend to keep these separate from each other.  That said, I may take on a commission for a special person or idea if I have the time, as with the story of the testicle earrings!


I usually exhibit my work at festivals, as part of a performance, or personally in my home (where-ever that may be) as a shamanic fetish/object with a specific purpose or meaning.  Often these objects have a slightly dark sense of humour injected into them and a much deeper meaning than one might imagine.


This short 5 minute film for Woodlands TV gives you a visual taster, lol.

“Tribal Arts and Cafts in the Woodlands” – Episode 6 of 6

Roadkill Pheasant Cape

Roadkill Pheasant Cape


So… Yeah, the earrings, lol.  It is quite a funny story and I was asked to tell it recently, so seeing as I had to type it out anyway, I thought I would stick it on here too.


Squirrel Testicle Earings

Squirrel Testicle Earrings

The story of the Testicle Earrings!

I was at a friend’s party in London few years ago and got talking to one of the other girls there that I had not met before.  To be honest, I only knew two other people there.  She was telling us about how her boyfriend had proposed recently.  She had suffered a fidelity betrayal by her previous partner and was still furious and hurt that he had cheated on her.  Afraid this might happen again with her new man, but wanting very much to marry him, she told him that she would only marry him if he agreed that if he ‘was’ ever unfaithful to her – she could “wear his bollocks for earrings!!”

He agreed.  Thinking she was joking.  They made a date to marry later that year in Las Vegas.

The group of friends laughed at the story, and joked that it would be funny to wear a pair of human testicle earrings for the wedding day, as a reminder of his promise, but that it would be impossible to buy a pair of real testicle earrings.  I had been pretty quiet until this point when  I said “I’ve got a spare pair of testicles!!”.

The group just stared at me with jaws dropping, and laughed.  I laughed and said “No really, I have… some squirrel ones”.  One of my friends then proceeded to tell the group that I was an artist, and about the kind of things I had made and how I lived my life.  They were amazed.  I was commissioned by the bride there and then to make her these earrings.  I reassured her that they would not be hairy, lol.


Skinning a squirrel to taxidermy in my studio.

Skinning a squirrel to taxidermy in my studio.


I set about making the earrings from the actual testicles, not the scrotum.  I had saved them from a previous taxidermy project using a local roadkill casualty.  Luckily squirrel testicles are quite large in comparison to the size of the animal so looked good as droplet ear adornments.

squirrel with balls

These little objects can be quite ‘oily’ when drying so the process took longer than anticipated.  They were dried repeatedly and cured in salt for a long period of time, and then I sealed the remaining oil inside using a tough acrylic varnish.  I try not to use heavy chemicals in my work.  They were sprayed silver, varnished again, mounted in silver fittings and beautifully gift wrapped for the bride in time for the wedding.

The group of friends today still talk about the story.  I hope I helped cure with humour a huge amount of suffering by a fellow sister, and make a sensitive issue easier to talk about for a young couple on the path to new relationship.  I also hoped that it be a dark but humorous warning to the ‘love-rats’ out there that think cheating on your woman comes without consequences.

Best they be warned!  We will have “your bollocks for earrings!”





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